Zero Tolerance: Donald Trump’s New Immigration Policy

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America has no more been friendly country as it has been earlier with immigrants. In fact, its new policies bluntly speak that you individuals  are not welcome in our country anymore move from here as soon as possible .These policies are diametrically opposite to the values and principles that American had been holding for decades “Send me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free’’. Donald Trump and his administrative are indifferent to it that their policies are bringing the nation putting into the bad book of all across the world. Most of the countries are criticizing them but they are adamant about their point. According to their policies they are least bother about immigrants. ‘’American First’’. They do want to deter immigrants in their nation forever. These policies are just the fashions to cease the immigrants looking toward America anymore.

Donald Trump has strong feeling that immigration at large scale has caused a great upheaval in the nation (11millions undocumented individuals have been staying in America out of them 42percent have been put behind the bar, so far) social, political, financial, environmental and security conditions. Day by day, burgeoning immigrants are bringing with them serious issues like unemployment, poverty and insecurity to their individual and the nation to great extent. These immigrants are characterized invariably as criminal. They are also perturbed with increasing number of foreign born population and to cut their number only they believe they can solve these challenging issues. Their policies are called “Zero tolerant policies of immigration” and they ensure that these policies are followed firmly at the same time. Policies show that they are adamant to make their nation free from the illegal and legal immigrants and they can go to any extent.

Ban the entry of Muslims of eight countries out of the six are major in America is one of their most humiliating condition. Those immigrants who have been staying there have been kept apart from this ban but once their visas expire they cannot renew it. American holds a very wrong notion about the Muslims all across the world that they are an anti-social element and they invariably create havoc in the environment which is not good for the safety of the people and the nation at the same time. It is better to keep them away from them. After the court interference some modifications have been done.

There one of the policies keeping the kids apart from their parents create the stir all across the world. The kids are kept in a cage and each cage has more than 18kids.The toddlers are also include in kids. The government act is criticised severely even the native of America tells this act as an inhumane act. But criticism does not affect the Donald and his administrative. According to them their measure will discourage the illicits immigrants. Through executing this barbaric stance they want to convey the message to the entire world that smuggling of the kids will not be tolerated and the stern measure will be taken to cease it. Down the line, Donald put the blame on the previous government and speaks that he cannot witness this separation when UN officers intervene in this matter.

Chain migration has also been banned according to which now no more relatives and can take entrance in America through Green card. Lottery system has also been stopped. They have started merit basis policy to be immigrants. They are building a wall on the south of America in order that they can prevent the Mexican intrusion in their country who are involved in some or other crime. American administrative do not want entry of black in their soil at all. They think these people are not polished and they are problematic.