Yamaha Launches FG-TA TransAcoustic Guitar

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One of the largest subsidiaries of Yamaha Corporation, Yamaha Corporation of America exposed ground-breaking TransAcoustic technology that combines affordability as well as durability of the top-selling FG and FS series instruments. The company delivers a full-line of sound reinforcement, home entertainment products to the United States markets.

The new technology formed based on FS820 and FG820 models which offer extreme quality and playability to the millions of guitarists across the globe. This TransAcoustic technology has come up the small metal device that gives enhanced playability and hidden inside the guitar. At the point when the instrument’s strings are played, they make the actuator vibrate, which is then passed on to the guitar body afterward the air around the guitar. Without any external effects, this generates authentic reverb.

TransAcoustic guitar technology introduced in 2016 which earned “Best in Show” at the Summer NAMM show in Nashville.

Product marketing manager at Yamaha Guitars, Dennis Webster said, “The FG-TA and FS-TA bring ground-breaking TransAcoustic technology to the masses with extremely affordable guitar”. The new technology inspiring musicians to play with more creativity. Further, Dennis added that the team able to get a much wider range of enthusiasts playing.

Over many years, FG series built for offering solid performance and used by many solo artists. List of the people who picked up Yamaha’s GF series guitar includes Liz Phair, James Taylor, Elliott Smith and Bob Seger.