Xtalks Presented New Webinar on Smart Biomedical Devices Using Glass, Sensors

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World’s leading provider of Educational Webinar Xtalks hosted a new webinar on smart biomedical devices using lasers, sensors, and glass. The new online seminar will enlighten the use of the Glass Core Technology which will lead customers towards new products with an advanced level of integration features that outcome in emerging technologies. The live broadcast takes place on third November 2017 at 3 PM (GMT) with featured speaker Steve Groothuis. Steve Groothuis is the Chief Technology Officer for Samtec Microelectronics.

Samtec conveys the best answer for modules, interconnecting chips, packages all through the hardware business. Samtec’s emphasis is on advancement to address a far-reaching extent of usages. More than 20 years, Samtec Microelectronics has conveyed gadget bundling administrations for medicinal gadgets and in addition restorative demonstrative gear. Samtec has investigated in Glass Core Technology which gives ways for new electro-optical, biomedical and microfluidic applications. The organization ought to work on new procedures to make troublesome advances.

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