The m-commerce app, WishAlerts expanded its presence in the United States markets by launching in the iTunes App Store. The application grants wish made by its users and links communities by providing the common interests area such as favorite topics, groups, about local businesses.

Through the new application, the user can get reviews for their unique ideas by simply posting questions, even app allows the user to join local interest groups. Suppose foodies want to try some new dishes, by simply entering some information in the application they will receive whole information from nearby businesses and users will get responses from nearby users depends on the area of interests. The geo-based application automatically alerts users with personalized information. With more wishes, application’s artificial intelligence algorithms provide a personalized mobile experience.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Shane Amyx said that WishAlerts fulfils users’ expectations as they are anticipating for location-relevant and smart experience. The app gives a unique experience to each user and it is a great way to reignite the economies of small towns.

The application filled with different versions, one is for small businesses and other for consumers. Businesses provide the wishes came from consumers.

Shane Amy expressed, “We believe that the ability to connect users directly with local businesses or with other like-minded people is the key to reconnecting folks with their communities and to creating more meaningful relationships, while at the same time, supporting local artisans and small businesses”. Further, he added that the approach empowers the local community.

The application created purposefully to connect society, small businesses, people, entrepreneurs and many more.