Waymo, Uber, And Others to Explore the Human Impact of Self-Driving Cars

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Most of the people now worried about their jobs from cabbies to truckers to food delivery workers due to autonomous vehicle future. Group of companies have come together and formed a new organization to explore the impact of self-driving cars on humans.

PTIO which stands for Partnership for Transportation Innovation and Opportunity is a group comprised of legacy automakers including Toyota, Ford, tech giants like Uber, Waymo. The sources stated that the group wants to start developing a “well-rounded” impact of self-driving vehicles on the future of work. The group is formed as a 501(c)(6) non-profit which allows it to accept donations like a non-profit and lobby government like a chamber of commerce.

Executive Director Maureen Westphal said, “Concern for the safety of workers and the public is paramount to PTIO and safe deployment of technology is fundamental to securing better job opportunities for workers.” Further, he added, “we plan to engage with a variety of concerned stakeholders already having conversations and planning for this transition to an autonomous vehicle future.”

Sources stated that the Partnership for Transportation Innovation and Opportunity has its work cut out for it. Most of the people expect self-driving trucks to be among the first autonomous vehicles to hit the road. According to the latest report, US drivers could see job losses at a rate of 25,000 a month, or 300,000 a year.