Wallarm Participates NVIDIA’s Program

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An innovative startup pioneer in API security, Wallarm declared that it has joined the NVIDIA Inception program. The Inception program helps start-ups during various stages such as prototyping and development, product development and so on. The company makes uses NVIDIA technology to run algorithms, also uses advancements in artificial intelligence and data sciences to support start-ups.

Wallarm uses machine learning to reconstructs application context as well as API logic by simply looking at request and responses. It uses this information to form custom security protection rules for single application release. The company started in 2013 headquartered in Menlo Park, has helped hundreds of enterprise customers. The company uses different strategies those depend on AI.

Wallarm is an ideal choice when it comes to highly distributed Cloud infrastructures and its Automated application environment makes Wallarm different as compare to others. Additionally, it can detect zero-day threats.

Chief Executive Officer at Wallarm, Ivan Novikov said, “Wallarm has used NVIDIA technology to run Reinforcement Learning algorithms because a large amount of onboard RAM makes it a great fit for training Recurrent Neural Networks with many layers and lots of data”.

Director of Inception program at NVIDIA, Arjun Dutt said that the participants growing with AI-driven applications. NVIDIA’s program helps start-ups and the members get benefits from it.