An Italian motor vehicle manufacturer, Piaggio exposed exclusive first look of Vespa Electtrica at recent Auto Expo. As its name suggests, it is fully electric Vespa scooter that carries typical Vespa design that matches with Vespa 125 and Vespa 150.

Its blue outer lines are the symbol of an electric scooter. The scooter gets a 4kWh battery which makes around 5.4 bhp and 200 nm of peak torque and it is fully automated. The scooter has a fully digital instrument console which can be connected to a smartphone. It can also display the text and multitude of other information as well.

Vespa will be launching Electtrica in Europe in the latter half of 2018 towards the end of the year and the company could also think to get the scooter to India in the next couple of years.

The scooter offers the range of 100 km and Vespa will also offer new Electtrica variant which is the Electtrica S which offers the range of 200 km. Everyone might aware of ‘Electric is the Future’ and Vespa has decided that first electric scooter to be launched in India from Vespa will be Electtrica.

Vespa does not reveal any other information but soon people will get a chance to take the ride on the first electric scooter. The company planning to launch the electric scooter by 2020.