Uber Eyes On AI to Identify Drunk Passengers

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After revealing the first look at its flying car prototype scheduled to launch by 2020, the ride-sharing company, Uber is working on AI technology that could identify drunk passengers and alert the driver. Uber is looking to improve its service through its latest move.

The patent application was published on June 7, highlights a system where AI is used to determine the unusual behavior of the user. The patent application relies on the algorithm to gather potential data that the ride-hailing company could use to determine whether the user is inebriated. However, the algorithm evaluates the several factors including users walking speed, typos, how precisely you press in-app buttons.

The company stated that its patent application uses the deny rides to users based on their current state along with training and relevant skills. Further, the company stated that if the algorithm detects that someone is acting in an unusual way, it will tweak Uber’s services such as directing passengers to pick-up points that are well-lit and easily accessible or matching users with a driver.

Apart from this things, the patent application suggests it may also use the technology to prevent users from sharing a ride with other passengers. The company said that the app could also increase safety for both drives as well as the rider.