U.S. president Donald Trump meets with the Russians at Trump tower

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Contradicting reports arise after Michael Cohen told the media that the U.S.A president Donald Trump new of the meeting which would occur between the president and some Russian cooperatives. According to news reports from Russia, president Donald Trump knew of the advance meeting that would occur in Trump tower which the Russians had to accept an offer on a dirty campaign on Hillary Clinton.

According to Michael Cohen, president Donald Trump denied several time on the alleged accusation. According to Cohen, the contradiction arose immediately when he submitted multiple claims of the dirty camping on Hilary Clinton to the administration officials and the concerned lawyers who claimed to know nothing about the meeting in the Trump Tower in Russia following the denials by Trump Jr and Trump himself.

Michael Cohen continued to state that he was present during this particular meeting whereby the Russian were given the offer by Trump. According to him, there were several others who participated in this meeting. According to sources, after the offer was given, Trump agreed to carry on with the meeting.

Nevertheless, the meeting took place in the Trump Tower where the offer was accepted by the Russian. This meeting was carried before Donald Trump was elected as the president of the U.S.A. according to reports, Michael Cohen reported this meeting multiple times to the administration officials and the concerned lawyers who after Trump denied the claims said that the never knew of the meeting.

Early in July 2017, Trump was approached by the New York Times where he was interviewed on the matters concerning the meeting. This approach of Trump by the New York Times disclosed that the meeting truly took place even after the denials of Trump after the accusation by Michael Cohen.

The meeting exposed all the possible strategy’s in which Russia would use in order to do campaign on trump against Hilary Clinton. This information clearly shows that Trump had a good relationship with Russia even before the general election held in the U.S. nevertheless, Trump won the presidential sit and still has the perfect relationship with Russia as seen to date.