Turkish Shipyards to Develop the Country’s First Indigenous Ship Engine

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Five Turkish shipyards stepping forward to develop the country’s first indigenous ship engine. The shipyards Sedef, Istanbul, and Sefine have framed Turkish Associated International Shipyards that will create and deliver motors for military vessels.

Chief Executive Officer of Anadolu Shipyard stated that the association aims to produce the first engine prototype within two and a half years and start serial production within four and a half years.

Chairman of a federation of Turkish maritime chambers, Metin Kalkavan said, “Turkey is the only country in the world that can produce vessels of all types but does not have an engine production plant.”

Metin Kalkavan said, “That will elevate Turkish shipyards to the class of countries that can compete in world markets as prime contractors.” Further, he added, “It is imperative that we build our warships and their systems and subsystems locally.”

Urkmez said that the Turkish market will generate demand for 100 ship engines in the first 10 years of operations and additionally, there will be a need to change the engines of up to 400 ships.”

At the Doha International Maritime Defense Exhibition and Conference a month ago in Qatar. Turkish makers won contracts worth $800 million, of which $500 million went to Turkish shipyards.

A senior procurement official from the Turkish government said, “It is a policy-level decision to support every activity for the development of indigenous engines, for land, aerospace and naval use.”  Further, they added, “There will be a big demand for engines both from our own programs and from foreign contracts our companies will compete for.”