Tomorrow’s lunar eclipse will be the longest eclipse to be experienced in century

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Question arises when it comes to differentiating the solar and lunar eclipse. Well, let me breakdown this to you. Solar eclipse occurs when the rays from the sun are blocked from reaching the surface of the earth by the moon while lunar eclipse on the other hand is when the rays from the sun are blocked from reaching the surface of the moon by the other.

According to scientist, the rays of the sun are blocked from reaching either the earth’s or the moon’s at a given amount of time depending with the size of the body blocking the rays. In other words, the duration or the time the eclipse would last is determined by the body blocking the rays of the sun and also the distance between the bodies.

Additionally, the eclipse forms two parts, that is the umbra and penumbra. Umbra is the darkest region whereas penumbra is the partial dark region where the solar rays can be seen. According to reports from scientific labs, this year’s lunar eclipse will be the longest in the 21st century records. It is said that, the lunar eclipse which will occur on 21 July 2018 will last for a minimum of 104 minutes.

According to scientist, the moon will be closest to the earth hence the reason behind the long lasting duration of the eclipse. The eclipse anticipated is referred to as apogee, this is when the moon’s orbit is furthest to the earth’s orbit. According to this, the moon appears smaller and the speed with which it will be rotating will be slow compared to any other time.

Will the eclipse be visible?

The answer to that question is yes, the eclipse will be visible but not to the people in the other side of the world. Even though this will not be possible, there is an online platform whereby the lunar eclipse happenings will be shown. This will therefore cater for anyone who needs to view the lunar eclipse.

Note that:

Earth is large therefore the time differs so talk care on the time when it will be happing. It may not be in your time zone but you needed to adjust your time to fit perfectly to the time zone in which this natural occurrence will happen.