‘The TickleFlex’ Has Been Unveiled to Improve the Lives of Diabetics

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‘The TickleFlex’ exposed as the winner of the 2017 Horner’s Award for Design and Innovation. The TickleFlex is a plastic device expected to enhance the lives of diabetics’ people.

It is an insulin infusion created by Peter Bailey, of TickleTEC Ltd. The gadget fits onto existing needles and is intended to limit both the torment of infusion and the human blunder that occasionally happens.

In the UK, the device was judged over millions of people.

The device develops uncommonly finished flexing fingers to grasp a little region of skin and control inclusion profundity, while torment is hindered by ‘immersing nearby tangible sources of info.

The TickleFlex is designed to hide the needle for those who suffer from fear of needles.

The tickle flex fits on the end of your insulin pen, it makes a ‘pucker’, and that is from the subcutaneous tissue that needs to infuse into, in case the person dependant on insulin. As the fingers grab the skin even if the person doesn’t have a stable hand, the needle does not trim.

On 5th October, Tickle Tec Ltd will be given their trophy by the Lord Mayor of the City of London at the Horners Annual Banquet to be held at Mansion House.