The Mermaid Women Claims To Get ‘Younger Literally’

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37-years-old Lisa after discovering a lump in her breast decided to change her life. She started a new life of a raw vegan mermaid.

She has recently told that adopting this lifestyle reverses the aging process.

She developed a health scare back in April 2013 after doctors found a lump in her breast.

The lump was benign. Lisa who is a college lecturer, however, made it her aim to center her life on her happiness and well-being. This lifestyle change, actually, brought drastic changes in her energy levels. She noticed a decrease in heartburn she had been experiencing since the age of 12. She also feels that she is getting younger with every day.

She also changed her exercise routine and adopted an unusual hobby of ‘mermaiding’. She wears a mermaid tail and goes swimming in pools or in the ocean.

“Being vegan has changed my life extremely because I have so much more energy. I feel like the aging process has started to reverse and I’m getting younger,” she said.

After adopting this lifestyle, she got rid of her chronic acid reflux and the heartburn. Before getting vegan, she would easily eat a standard American diet of pizza, chips, chicken, beer, and sweets.

She starts her day with her signature jackfruit orange smoothie. Then she keeps snacking on fruits throughout her day. Cherries are her favorite.

She goes for mermaiding twice a week.

“I go swimming in pools, practice underwater tricks at mermaid meetups or go to beaches, lakes, hot springs, and glacier waters to swim in my tail,” Lisa says.

During winters, she goes to Florida and does a lot of outdoor pool swimming, she also practices eating fruits underwater.