Texas Mom Dies from Flu After Turning Down Tamiflu

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Texas mother of two died after she turned down Tamiflu because of the medication cost. She was schoolteacher as well as mother and her insurance only made a small dent the cost of antiviral, so she decided to try to go without the potentially life-saving drug.

The small Texas town of Weatherford reeling from the sudden death of second-grade teacher Heather Holland. She died at 38-year-old from flu last week. Her husband stated that she did not take antiviral because of its cost, $116 for the generic form of Tamiflu with medical insurance. He says they could afford it, but she refused to pay.

Now, as the deadliest flu season in a decade on some promising new research from Columbia University scientists suggesting a new kind of ultraviolet light could actually kill the virus without harming the human. The research suggesting low-level UV light in the ceiling of enclosed space like lobbies and hallways could help kill the virus in the air. That’s the most flu infections get transmitted from the sneeze.

One of the scientists from Columbia University stated, “if we could kill the viruses while they are in the air. We really think we could take the bite out of seasonal influenza epidemics.