Taung’s Teenager Won the National Learner Competition

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Taung’s youngsters awarded by 2017’s National Learner Competition, their discovery can entirely change their lives. Rebaone Koopalame and Didintle Tsatseng are the names of the youngster from PH Moeketsi Agricultural High School in Taung.

The National Learner Competition hosted by the Department of Mineral Resources in July. Both won a grant up to Ph.D. level, tablets, a printer and a remote console. The big challenge of discovery that has to identify the difference between mining and minerals sector. The Taungs students take help from the LAN-ANDO vest invention to found solution over the challenge. Vest concept getting the essential consideration from mines, still the prototype experiencing tests as well as research forms.

The team exposes that they started it from school days’ competitions which were build-up to the Learner Focus Week program. The teenager required to recognize the problem that is straightforwardly influencing the mining and mineral part, or the earth, so for that they likewise needed to think of inventive answers for the issue.

The communication manager, Gert Klopper said, “The mine has a wide range of opportunities that the learners can apply for if they are interested in joining Petra Mine South Africa”. Klopper added, “We thought that it was such an achievement that someone from a rural village came up with such a stunning idea”.

Didintle said, “We never expected to win, but we were driven by our mentor to put our all in this to prove ourselves”. Both the teenager wishes for their innovation to be transformed into the last item and be logically recognized aside from their future longs for being a mining engineer.

Didintle said, “The challenge was to identify a specific problem within the mining sector. This was just one of many”.

Rebaone said, “We got all the support we needed from the mine and our school”.