Swinburne Partners Medibank For Digital Health

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A world-ranked university leading the way in innovation, Swinburne unite in a partnership with Medibank for three years for health and touches aspects of its business as well as strategic plan. Both associated for the first time could come up with opportunities for developing projects as well as digital health.

The partnership not only offers the business and health benefits but shapes future of both organizations. Swinburne offers career development along with research opportunities for the Medibank employee, also covers leadership and customer service.

Vice President, Dr. Andrew Smith expressed, “The health and well-being of all members of the broader Swinburne community are very important to us.” Further, he expressed this partnership eye on the wellbeing of staff, improving stress as well as outcomes.

Becky Hyde, Medibank General Manager excited for the incredible opportunity and delightfully welcome Swinburne. Becky Hyde stated that the team excitedly shares everything to support Swinburne’s students and work accordingly for invention in the wider community.

This partnership allows Swinburne, employee, students as well as alumni to access Medibank’s in a wide range such as travel insurance, health insurance, and Medibank is an ideal provider of health services at Swinburne.