Sonos Gearing Up to Launch Smart Speaker

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John MacFarlane’s American consumer electronics company Sonos gearing up to launch smart speaker. An all-new smart speaker consists of the voice control functionality that fuelled by far-field microphones. The company could follow other multinational companies’ strategy to enter into the smart speaker market.

The multiple voice platforms and music services will be supported by the Sonos speakers allowing customers to effortlessly control their music on Sonos, however, the recording didn’t indicate which colleagues and administrations that may be. Recently, the company has been preparing for a wide reconciliation with Amazon Echo. The products of the company are sold in Apple’s retail and online stores. Sonos high-end music speaker would be a direct competitor to HomePod.

Sonos smart speaker will be named as S13. The product model S13 is a high-performance all-in-one wireless smart speaker which will be part of the Sonos’ home sound system. The smart speaker model improves combined voice control functionality with far field microphones.

According to the information from several sources stated that the product model might be launching soon with company’s new privacy policy seeming to lay the groundwork for an internet-connected speaker of some kind.

Currently, the company proceeding a private beta test for the user to test speakers over Amazon Echo devices. Sonos spokesperson stated that its privacy policy now covers future voice experiences and products will have “integrated microphones”.

Sonos statement stated, “As per the privacy policy, the unreleased smart speaker will unceasingly monitor the ambient noise for command terminology vocal by the user without retaining or transmitting any voice recordings”.

If the company does not enter into the smart speaker market, then for sure they will be looking for new voice-controlled home speakers.