Smokin’ Ed Currie Has Back with World’s Hottest Pepper

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In 2013, founder, a scientist as well as chef of the PuckerButt Pepper Company Smokin’ Ed Currie accomplished hot-pepper overwhelming nature when he debuted the Carolina Reaper, the hottest hot pepper at the time. Currie’s accomplishment was beaten by the Dragon’s Breath before up 2017. Now, Smokin’ Ed Currie beats the taste bud-singing warmth of the two peppers.

In November 2011, Smokin’ Ed grew the pepper industry’s attention when an NPR Reporter stopped by to eat an HP22B pepper.

“Pepper X” took 10 years to create according to the Thrillist. The Dragon’s Breath bean stew lands at 2.48 million SHU and a jalapeno at only 5000 SHU. Smokin’ Ed is as yet sitting tight for a check from the Guinness World Records board, expecting to hear back about the accommodation’s status at some point in November.

Peppers aren’t generally made accessible to customers. The current world record holder Dragon’s Breath will be limited to use in the solution. Pepper X is now accessible in hot sauce frame. In New York, the Last Dab it’s being delivered as a joint effort between Smokin’ Ed, specified as the Heatonist hot sauce shop.

The item will now be utilized as the last sauce that is devoured by VIP visitors on the meeting appear, while it’s not exactly as singing as the straight pepper, at 2.4 million SHU it’s as yet more smoking than a Carolina Reaper in its crude frame.