Russia Launches New Nuclear Missile

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Russia testing an intercontinental ballistic missile, this comes as tension escalates between Putin and the U.S. Russia releases the video of the test launch of this powerful brand-new generation of nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile right in the middle of this diplomatic drama. This is one of the missiles Vladimir Putin bragged about when he unveiled a series of new nuclear weapons last month.

It comes on the heels of the expulsion of those 60 US diplomats ordered out of Russia that means America packing up, their kids pulled from school and did the same thing to 60 Russians diplomats but that was of course, in response to the nerve agent attack on the former British or on the former Russian spy and his daughter in Britain and the state department has not ruled out further action.

It was a complete surprise for everyone and not sure who those other people would be, whether means the Russians or someone else but it was more surprising coming from US President Donald Trump, who always says he will never telegraph the enemy about military planning or any sort of timeline for withdrawing.

Central comment quickly released the statement saying, “US mission in Syria is strictly focused on the defeat of ISIS…It is our intention to continue to focus on the aspects of ISIS that still need to be addressed.”