Russia: French President’s Leathery Behaviour at Putin’s First Meeting

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On Monday 29th May 2017, New French President Emmanuel Macron is promising tough talk at his first meeting with Vladimir Putin, following an election campaign in which his team accused Russian media of trying to interfere in the democratic process. Two weeks ago Mr. Macron took the office. Mr. Macron said discussion with Russia region is vital in tackling a number of international disputes. However, relations have been beset by mistrust, with Paris and Moscow backing opposing sides in the Syrian civil war. President Macron will use an exhibition on Russian Tsar Peter to get Franco-Russian relations off to a new start.

President Macron said, “It’s indispensable to talk to Russia because there are a number of international subjects that will not be resolved without a tough dialogue with them”. “I will be demanding in my exchanges with Russia,” the 39-year-old president told reporters at the end of the G7 summit on Saturday, where the Western leaders agreed to consider new measures against Moscow if the situation in Ukraine did not improve”, He added. Under former President Francois Hollande, Relations between Paris and Moscow were gradually stressed. Jacques Audibert said, “Putin likes these big symbolic things. I think it’s an excellent political opportunity, the choice of place is perfect”. Audibert added, “It adds a bit of grandeur to welcome Putin to Versailles”. On Friday 26th May 2017, according to the Russian official statement in Moscow stated that the meeting was an opportunity to get a better feel for each other also the Kremlin anticipated a frank conversation on Syria.