Robots Are the Next Industrial Revolution, Experts says

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Japan, the country with the most robots in the world set to invest almost $900 million in robotics research. Japan wants to make robots from around the science into reality and from museums into the streets.

Experts state that robots are speeding ahead and become the next industrial revolution. Some people might take the robots look for granted but the significance of seemingly superficial aspect beyond the surface.

In Japan, robots are already taking over some jobs and they pretty much see the world the way we do. But there is a huge gap between seeing and understanding the world. Just to be able to move around and doing tasks, robots need to be identified every single object around them by comparing the whole database of things. They would need to identify an individual by analysing individual’s features.

Day-by-day the population of the country is decreasing so it needs robots as the co-worker. One of the incredible example by Takashi that shows how robots are working in the real time. Takashi Minato is the man behind the machine. He is one of the programmers at the intelligence robotics laboratory. It is leading robot lab in Japan. The team believes that Erica is robotic excellence and effectively performs communication-related work.

Humans like robots are not progressive in the environment yet because it’s too expensive to the manufacturer at mass scale. Half of Japan’s working population could be replaced by robots. If robots are going to do the lot more of Japan’s job, then the scene is different. There are different ideas of how replacement should look but the appearances rely on common biases.