Revolutionary Tech Giant Apple’s Invention to Deliver Optimized Noise Isolation

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American Multinational Technology Company, Apple invented a modern integrated Microphone and vibration sensor to provide higher headset noise cancellation. Apple’s AirPods are a new rage, but people can have an alternative like the BeatsX styled headphones. BeatsX offers optimized noise isolation. Apple’s invention covers an integrated MEMS microphone and vibration sensor. It can be used to eliminate unwanted sounds and improve vocal sound detection. It would seem that future BeatsX may be able to go from noise isolation to pure noise cancellation with this latest advancement in Apple’s headphone technology.

One or more microphones involves in a portable electronic device, and if more features are being presented then more than one microphone may be involved for complex audio processing. One microphone known as ECM stands for electret condenser microphone, contains a capacitive sensing plate with a field effect transistor amplifier. The microphone involves FET amplifier and an integrated circuit, which additionally consist of ADC for digital microphone applications. MEMS microphones have been adapted for use in mobile electronic devices mainly includes smartphones, music players, and mobile computers. The new invention consists of a micro-electro-mechanical system as well as a vibration sensor that are combined at the IC die. In this invention, when sound detection is high, MEMS vibration sensor in addition to the MEMS microphone may be used to detect the sound using mechanical vibrations. The device can be used to eliminate unwanted sounds in loud environments and improve vocal sound detection quality.