Radio Systems Corporation is the parent company of Invisible Fence has obtained independent invisible Fence dealership and this dealership will continue to serve Northern and Western Illinois.

Radio Systems Corporation founded by Randy Boyd in Knoxville and started selling its products and nearly around $1 million product was sold by the year’s end. Afterward, the company started a partnership with other teams to improve the quality as well as the reliability of the product.

When it comes to Invisible Fence Brand then they are passionate about technology, pets and it is the place where the user will get traditional solution and innovations out of this world. Invisible Fence of Northwest Illinois has been an autonomous dealership for Invisible Fence Brand for a long time and its domain incorporates the greater part of North and Western Illinois amongst Chicago and Southern Wisconsin.

Director of Invisible Fence Brand, Ed Hoyt stated that over 24 years the Northwest Illinois team servicing Invisible Fence Brand solutions to pet owners in Northern and Western Illinois and has done an incredible job. Further, the director added that the team anticipating continuing to seamlessly serve pet owners in Northern Illinois.