Prolific Producer Steven Bochco Passes Away

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On April 1, 2018, Sunday, producer, and writer recognized for creating the ground-breaking police drama Hill Street Blues Steven Bochco died. He was 74 and his spokesman says no official cause of death has been released. Steven died in sleep after had been battling cancer for several years.

Steven led an incredible life and great innovator, pushing boundaries for what can be shown on TV. For over 20 years, credited with creating some of the most iconic shows and influencing what we all watch today.

Steven was 10-time Emmy winner whose shows received acclaim for gritty realism. From “Hill Street Blues” to “LA Law”, he created generations of stars out of sprawling ensemble casts including a famous teenage doctor. Throughout the years his shows inspired too many to become police officers, lawyers, doctors and so on.

Two years ago, Bochco said in an interview, “That’s what I always thought of myself doing in the context of TV: craft a show that over time would have a memory.” Further, he added, “I sensed that very early in my career. It just took me another 10 or 12 years to get to the point where I earned the right to take a shot at it.”

So many from Hollywood paying tribute and NYPD Blue star, Sharon Lawrence tweeted, “It was his vision, style, taste, and tenacity that made me love watching TV. It was being on #NYPDBlue that made me love working on TV. Thank You and rest well Steven Bochco.”

Bochco was born in Miami and completed playwriting and theatre from Carnegie Mellon University. He started his career at NBC where he wrote the story and teleplay for the first episode of the classic Peter Falk mystery series Columbo. His work took a more socially aware and his ambition ultimately paid off in 1981 with Hill Street Blues.