Pharmacies Run Out of Flu-Fighting Medicine

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7-year-old boy losing his life just because of the flu. 39 states are reporting high flu activity. Some of the high flu states, hospital beds are now in short supply.

Tashalin Blackmen along with her four kid and her husband are all fighting the flu. The doctor prescribed Tamiflu, the antiviral drug that helps considerably but finding any took two days and more than a dozen trips to pharmacies up and down Chicago.

CDC and the people who make the drug that there’s plenty available, but the main problem is getting it to pharmacies in South Carolina is fast enough. Within one hour more than hundred bottles are sold. For the first-time short supply, the problem has occurred.

Even with medication, the flu can kill. 7-year-old Kevin Baines died over the weekend in Virginia. His parents stated that they tried to give him the medication and everything that was supposed to do but he wasn’t getting any better.

At Grady hospital in Atlanta, both the drug and bed space are in high demand because of the flu. Every single department is full, even emergency department. CVS, Walgreens say they have a good supply, but the amount can vary from store to store.