Pennsylvania’s Newly Wed Admitted to Killing His Wife

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A newlywed husband accused of shooting and killing his wife. He told the local priest, who then told the police. 44-year-old John Grazioli charged with criminal homicide after police say he made the ultimate confession. Police say they got a tip about a suicidal man and searched home in an affluent neighbourhood outside of Erie, Pennsylvania and found John’s wife dead inside, shot in the head.

Investigator says they tracked John’s cell phone to nearby cathedral, here they found his white Mercedes SUV and Grazioli inside the rectory. The priest, father Michael Polinek calling 911. Police locking down the church.  Michael Polinek said, “We were a little shaken, anytime, anything goes on lockdown”.

Police bringing Grazioli out in handcuffs and said thanks to the priest who handled the situation carefully. Mike Nolan, Erie Police Dept said, “He was heroic, and he kept his composure, and I guess he did a very good job from our perspective. And I’m sure he did a good job from the perspective of the man.”

Under Roman Catholic Law, priests are forbidden from contacts authorities about confessions, but this case was a formal sacramental confession and OK to inform the police.