The Trump organization appears to have lost the battle over its management of Panama Hotel. Trump’s name on the Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower in Panama City was taken off on March 5, 2018. A series of fights broken out on the property as the Trump Organization and the property’s greater part proprietor have competed for control of the hotel.

More than a dozen police wearing bulletproof vests entered the Trump International Hotel. An ongoing legal dispute between the Trump Organisation and property’s majority owner recently turned ugly.

A series of scuffles broke out on the property as both sides vied for control of the hotel and police were called several times. Police ultimately evicted the Trump Organization staff. Orestes Fintiklis, the property’s majority owner, celebrated victory with a song. He entertained onlookers by playing the piano in the hotel’s lobby. The song included lyrics that, when translated, said, “Fascism will not prevail”.

Orestes Fintiklis said, “This dispute has been settled by the judges and the authorities of this country”. Orestes stated that he was so impressed by Panama’s legal system that he would soon become a Panamanian citizen himself.

The Trump name has been removed from the front of the hotel, but the company vowed to keep fighting. The hotel’s current owners, Ithaca Capital Partners and the Management team, who were retained from the previous administrations of the hotel. The current owners accused the trump team of Gross Mismanagement.

The hotel was inaugurated by Donald Trump in 2011 and was sold last year to Ithaca Capital Partners.