Pakistan: A Girl Appeals Supreme Court To Remove Her Father Name From Her Documents

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The Supreme Court of Pakistan is hearing a case of a 22 years old woman who is seeking the removal of her father’s name from official documents and replacing it with her mother’s name instead.

Tatheer Fatima told the court that her father had abandoned her in her childhood and she had never seen him.

Tatheer told the court that when she was a Matric student, she required some documents from her father which he refused to provide until she submitted a written application to the nearby police station stating that her mother was of a bad character that Tatheer didn’t want to live with her.

In her appeal, Tatheer maintained that it should be right of the child to adopt the name of the person who has raised him/her.

She asked a question to the court which is also very hard to answer. She asks if a child can be registered as a citizen of Pakistan without the identification of parents.

The Supreme Court on Thursday named the law secretary, the director general of the Immigration and Passport department as well as the National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) as respondents in the petition.

The apex court also had ordered Nadra officials to get information about Tatheer’s real father so he could be summoned to court.

The father appeared before the court on Thursday. Chief Justice asked him when he had last seen his daughter?

The father replied that he had seen his daughter in 2002.

“You did not meet your daughter for 16 years, you should be ashamed,” CJ responded.

The father claimed that the mother of the girl did not allow him to meet his daughter.

The court ordered the father to pay the financial expenses of her daughter.

According to the Islamic law, the father cannot be removed from a daughter’s name. CJ remarked.

The court adjourned the case for 10 days.

Tatheer had filed a similar plea at Islamabad High court which was rejected on May 17, 2017. The high court mentioned that she was not seeking any justice in accordance with the law — instead; it was above the prevailing laws.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan affirmed that neither Islamic laws nor laws of Pakistan allow any person to remove their father name from their official documents.