Oscar Related Rules Changes: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science

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Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science announced that rules related to Oscar are changed particularly those related to the animated feature and documentary feature category. They will have a bigger impact on upcoming Oscar race. For approval, rules are reconsidered by individual branch annually and Award rule committee categories all proposed changes before viewing recommendation to the board of governor. The “O.J.Rule” could be the name of a new organization, impacting documentaries. O.J.Rule inspired by ESPN film’s “O.J: Made in America, the five-part”. O.J. is nominated by many branch members for the reservation because the film is principally created to be a film doc rather than TV docuseries. “Multipart or limited series are not eligible for award consideration”, declared by doc branch on Friday 7th April 2017.

New rules are really impacting animated films, which come up with the process of selecting best animated feature nominees. This one might be called “GKIDS Rule”. On Friday 7th April 2017, Academy announced that any of the members who wishes to join a committee can do so by watching films in the theater or at home on DVD. This is done for GKIDS movie to climbed the mountain and land best animated feature. Prospect of nomination for high profile movies -not just those from Disney but also Universal.