Orion Span to Build World’s Luxury Space Hotel

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While billionaires driving their cars into deep space, a California’s company, Orion Span hoping to build the world’s first luxury space hotel, so they look at a welcome visitor within five years. The guests will enjoy zero gravity, amazing views of earth and sixteen sunrises and sunsets.

Orion Space’s Aurora Station is opening reservations and it will be the world’s luxury space hotel. The company stated that its interior will be equivalent to that of a Gulfstream jet.  The Guests will be charged $9.5m each for the station’s 90-minute orbit time or about approximately $791,666 a night. Guests have a few years to square away their financials and even they will get a chance to pay in installments.

Orion Space’s founder, Frank Bunger said, “We want to get people into space because it’s the final frontier for our civilization.” Frank describe his company as a serial entrepreneur and technology start-up executive.

Guests will enjoy their food and would subsequently understand basic spaceflight, life in pressurized environments in space along with orbital mechanics. Even, they will get a chance to enjoy the happiness of zero gravity through many windows, they would be part of research experiments including growing food while in orbit and many more.

The company would not be the first to offer rides into space as several wealthy travelers planning has flown to the International Space Station with the Russian space programme.

Tesla and Space X founder, Elon Musk said his company planned to send two private citizens on a trip around the moon.

Frank Bunger said, “We’re not selling a ‘Hey let’s go to the beach’ equivalent in space.” Further, he added, “We’re selling the experience of being an astronaut. You reckon that there are willing to pay to have that experience.”