Maryland-based digital technology agency and custom software development company, Orases plans to move into its new offices in the burgeoning Industry Lane business district. Orases drives efficiency as well as provides measurable cost savings by offering application development services.

Orases’s co-founders Amy Damoulakis and Nick Damoulakis signed deal for its new office renovation with custom design in time for an April 2018 occupancy.

Orases President, Damoulakis said that the team experiencing tremendous growth and at the same time it is looking for larger space for the team. Further, he added that it is a great opportunity to own unique presence in the Maryland. Company presents its new presence with bold passion.

Director of Frederick County Office of Economic Development, Helen Propheter said, “It is always wonderful news when an award-winning company such as Orases re-commits itself to our county through expansion, new investment and job creation”.

The firm possessed its present office at 7101 Guilford Drive since 2008, when the office moved from the SOMAR working in downtown Frederick which they had involved from 2004 to 2008. Orases’ authority group spent a while assessing alternatives for the association’s office development, incorporating staying in its present area, before picking the single standing building opportunity at 5728 Industry Lane.

The company handshakes with Archive Design Services and Summit Construction to provides customized work environment for the team. The company anticipating for double-digit growth by 2020 and it plans to invest around $2 million in the project.

Company’s President and co-founder, Nick Damoulakis said that the company filled with innovative and best employee and they continuously push their limits of creativity and hard work. Further, Nick added that company’s culture and process allowing to continue businesses on the global scale.