Ontario to halt renewable energy projects in order to reduce bills

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According to reports, Ontario is currently cancelling more than 750 renewable energy projects. This has happened after election of a new government in Ontario. According to the newly elected government, Ontario is suffering from high bills which previously was affecting the people leaving in Ontario. According to this reports, Ontario paid very high bills due to this renewable energy companies.

This termination of nearly 750 energy project will help the tax payer in Ontario by reducing the current budget to nearly $600 million. Considering the previous budget of $700 million, it can be seen that, there is a drop of nearly 12% of Ontario’s total budget. According to the minister in charge of energy in Ontario, this will be a great saving to the tax payer living in Ontario and more so, the tax rates will drop by the same percentage leading to standardized living standards among the people in Ontario.

According to the minister concerned with ministry of energy, the government promised to terminate any unnecessary energy project which not only waste taxpayer money but also uses government resources without bearing any fruits. According to the minister, terminating this renewable energy projects will not only save the hydro electric energy but also will help reduce electric costs to people in Ontario.

Considering other energy sources within the country, the renewable energy uses a lot of resources and produces less energy compared to hydro and non-renewable energy. The cancellation of this project will also save the southwestern by reducing the dedicated tax budget by nearly 30% and this will be a less burden to the people leaving in the southwest of Ontario.

Recently, the Dutton Dunwich wind energy project was awarded by the previous government considering that the residence voted against it. According to reports, the Dutton Dunwich project used over 80% of government resource in production of 20% of energy which was used within the region leaving no profit to the government hence leading to huge bill payment. This payment where implemented to the taxpayers.

Ontario’s new government terminated all the project in order to save resources and remove the burden imposed on the taxpayers.