New York: Airline Cancel Thousands of Fights Because Of Winter Storm

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Many people trying to outrace the storm like those heading to the airport leading to a lot of flight cancellations across the country. People are trying to get on early morning flights but so many flights canceled because of the winter storm.

According to the information of the source, around 33000 flights canceled across the United States that’s three times as many flights cancellations as those previous nor’ Easters earlier this month. 2,000 of flight cancellations in New York where bracing for as much as ten inches of snow from the storm which will continue to pound the region.

Concerning the poor climate, the area’s significant air center points were relied upon to see snow create Monday, with conditions declining into the night Few flights would operate Tuesday at major airports such as Newark Liberty, Philadelphia, Boston, New York JFK, New York LaGuardia and Boston and another airport could see Tuesday flights grounded.

On Wednesday, Americans expected to resume operations at those airports. Philadelphia and New York JFK are major hubs and disruptions are likely to ripple throughout American’s U.S. route map.

Chief Executive Officer of FlightAware, Daniel Baker said, “We expect … virtually all NYC flights to be canceled tomorrow.” Further, he added, “Some Tuesday flights remained on the schedule at LaGuardia and JFK airports, but it was uncertain how many would actually fly come Tuesday.”

Airport spokesman Matthew Brelis said, “We’re telling folks to call their airline and check on their flight status before they head to the airport. That’s really important.”