There is a new development in the search for a young mother in Virginia. A tragic end to the desperate search for this missing Virginia mother of two. One of the Officers, Michael Sampson stated that detectives switched their gears in their gears in this case from missing person report of suspicious nature to a homicide.

Investigators say they were led to the body of 23-year-old Terry Lynn St. John by a suspect now in custody. Officer said that the body was positively identified approximately 20 feet from the road.

The young mother vanishing from home early Tuesday morning while she was getting ready to take her kids to day-care. Her front door left wide open. According to the investigators, the suspect told deputies he strangled the mother until she stopped breathing.

A detective contacted 23-year-old suspect Alvin Keiser, described as an acquaintance of St. John after he made incremented statement. Police said they believed the suspect acted alone. He has been charged with first-degree murder.