Monster Storm Drops More Than A Foot of Snow in Philadelphia

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Boston getting hit and Philadelphia also trying to dig out as some areas getting more than a foot of snow. People in Philadelphia cleaning up and digging out. Many people and even the roads dealing with snow.

The iconic Philadelphia Museum of art covered in snow and there is a huge mess that people are up against in Philadelphia. People are also dealing with huge car accidents.

Some good news that coming from Philadelphia is people are getting back to work, apart from this government offices are opening, schools are opening in Philadelphia. There is a bit of delay, two hours school start a little bit later but still a lot to dig out and lot to clean up. This fourth nor’easter at the beginning of spring frustrating a lot of people but Philadelphia, for the most part, feeling like the city dodged a major bullet.

Thousands who are waking up to its really cold this morning without power, no heat. According to sources information, the power is slowly coming back but in Philadelphia, the outages are more scattered. Little by Little the things are back on. People might aware this would happen with this type of storm because the temperature hovering just above freezing, creating wet, heavy snow, capable of bringing down trees and power lines.