Microsoft Beats Alphabet but Still Behind Apple

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According to the source’s information, Washington-based tech giant Microsoft is now the third most valuable company in the world with Apple in first at $918 billion and Amazon second at $788 billion. In the race between tech giants, the company beats Google parent Alphabet by $10 billion. However, Microsoft still trails behind e-commerce giant, Amazon, and Apple at $782 and $923 billion respectively.

The report stated that Microsoft is now $749 billion company whereas Alphabet was worth $739 billion. Microsoft has been sparked by growth in its cloud computing business than Google. In the month of March, the company moved its engineering resources into other parts including cloud and artificial intelligence. The sources said that Alphabet and some offshoots like Google Fiber, Waymo has been leading Microsoft since it was first formed in 2015.

Microsoft’s move isn’t entirely surprising because Google and Microsoft have traded positions a few times in recent years, but it highlights the improvements of the company since Satya Nadella became CEO.

Microsoft’s cloud-computing business is a piece of what has impelled its development. Currently, Microsoft holds a bigger level of the cloud showcase than Google, however, trails behind Amazon. Amazon’s AWS is right now the market pioneer in the cloud space.

Both the tech giant didn’t immediately available to respond to requests for comment.