Marvel To Roll Out First Official Chinese Superheroes

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A publisher of American comic books and related media, Marvel has dominated theaters around the world. The media is branching out their comics division on a global scale. Wonder shaking hand with China’s biggest online comic stages, NetEase Comics to present their first authority Chinese superheroes.

Till the time, American media has only featured Chinese characters as villains. Marvel’s newest heroes are Aero and Lin Lie. Aero is a woman able to control air currents whereas Lin Lie obtains a powerful ancient sword to battle evil.

Marvel Editor-In-Chief CB Cebulski stated that Marvel’s latest associations intents to create new stories that would be based on Chinese culture and mythology.

The joint venture planning to expand Marvel Universe in the United States and China. As of now, these graphics are only in Chinese. NetEase already hosting a few Marvel comics including Iron Man, the Avengers, Spider-Man.

NetEase is a Chinese Internet technology founded in 1997 and was a key pioneer in the development of Internet services for China. It creates and works China’s online PC and portable diversions, email benefits alongside internet business stages. NetEase is one of biggest, computer game organization in the world.