Major Changes Coming to White House

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White House could shakeup with major changes. This after US president Trump could fire his secretary and National Security Advisor. A close friend of the US president, Chris Ruddy stated that one or two more changes are coming soon in White House.

Meantime the Trump has suffered a new setback in the legal team handling of the Russia Investigation. Two lawyers he tapped to join in won’t be coming on board. Sources information states that White House is bracing for yet another staff shakeup.

CEO Newsmax Media, Christopher Ruddy said, “Trump told me that he thinks the White House is operating like a smooth machine.” Chris Ruddy said the president expected to make one or two major changes to his government very soon.

David Shulkin, a holdover from the Obama administration, has been under fire for lavish travel on the taxpayers’ dime. Other senior staff members are safe now. Meanwhile, Former Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowsky says, if Trump does fire Kelly then he might not replace him. Further, Corey added the difference with this president is, he is the decision maker and loves the information being brought to him.

US president is shaking up his legal team, despite tweeting, “Many lawyers and top law firms want to represent me in the Russia case…Don’t believe the fake news narrative…”

Late last week, the lead lawyers representing him in the Russia probe resigned and it turns out the two expected to replace him will be joining the team. The legal shakeup comes at a significant moment in the investigation as Trump considers whether to testify before the special counsel.