KWizCom Releases “Convert to PDF/Print App”

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A leading provider of the powerful SharePoint web parts, KWizCom added one more application for office 365 known as “Convert to PDF/Print” app. It’s nothing but printing app for Office 365 customers.

Toronto based KWizCom started in 2005 with the aim to provide innovative solution as well as services across multiple companies worldwide. The corporation expands Microsoft SharePoint, maximizing efficiency as well as enhancing productivity for users. KWizCom is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner.

The new application allows users to smoothly convert the document to PDF and print accordingly. So, it is possible to process everything with just single click where the user needs to select one single document afterward list items, merge the document into PDF file. The new app is the one-stop solution for office 365 users.

The print app is SharePoint hosted which ensures customer’s data safety by performing conversion on users’ desktop only. So, none of customers data is transmitted to other servers. The client component is the key part of the print app.

Besides its producing PDF document and managing record features it has some additional features that bridging the gap of printing in SharePoint includes user can directly take print of the document without downloading process, it is possible to merge several documents into single printable documents, export information from SharePoint to PDF files and so on.