Kona Electric Likely to Come in India

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A South Korean Multinational automotive company, Hyundai has revealed the exclusive first look of the “Kona Electric SUV”. The new Kona electric will be Hyundai’s first fully electric subcompact SUV for the European market.

Kona Electric available in 39.2kW and 64 kW Lithium-Ion polymer battery pack. Kona will offer a range of 299 km and 482 km depending upon the battery power. The new electric Kona will feature electric grilled and dedicated console in the interior for intuitive operations of the shift by via gear control.

Kona Electric is one of the cars that likely to come in India after booming in the European market. The car will be launched in India with the completely knocked down model and go to hit Indian Market in 2019.

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Y K Koo said, “Hyundai will be launching electric vehicles in India soon, all feel appropriate, to begin with, SUVs and the Kona will be assembled from completely-knocked down kits”.

Hyundai stated that company’s upcoming electric car will differ from existing and it is expected to come up with different features. It will be launch with two models where one with a longer range than the other and one with a bigger battery setup.

Additionally, internal combustion engines platform is capable of electrification, so, the electric Kona will underpinnings with existing one. The Kona will fit between Tucson and Hyundai Creta if it is launched with a conventional powertrain.