Japanese Engineer Masaaki Nagumo Shapes “Landwalker Mononofu”

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A 44-year-old Japanese engineer Masaaki Nagumo always had a dream of riding a giant robot just like his favorite anime. Masaaki Nagumo has created a giant humanoid inspired by the science fiction franchise “Mobile Suit Gundam”. He developed Landwaker Mononofu at Sakakibara Kikai, the robot is 28-feet tall weighing in at more than 7 tonnes.

Nagumo can control the robot’s arms as well as feet from inside a Cockpit, which is accessible only through the mechanical lift. It even has an air gun that can shoot sponge balls at 86MPH. Masaaki Nagumo said that his LW-Mononofu could be turned into a business opportunity and it has been inspired by the iconic series that has spawned movies, video games, Mango and more.

Nagumo’s LW-Mononofu can move its fingers as well as its upper body. LW-Mononofu moving at less than 1 km per hour seems it is no speedster. Masaaki Nagumo claims that the LW-Mononofu is the biggest robot in the world.

The company stated that LW-Mononofu executes more complex movements as compared to the other robots. Renting the LW-Mononofu, and Nagumo’s other robots cost around $930 an hour. He hopes other fans can live out their Gundam fantasy just like he has.