Italy’s Romeo of Rimini Dies Having Sex With 23-Year-Old Tourist

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Italy’s most famous playboy’, Maurizio Zanfanti, has died at the age of 63 while having sex with a 23-year-old European tourist.

Zanfanti who is popularly known as Romeo of Rimini had slept with more than 6000 women after he got famous in the country as a nightclub promoter in the beach-side city back in the 1970s.

He suffered a fatal heart attack while having sex with the tourist. The shocked woman called the medical help but he could not be revived.

Zanfanti started his career at the nightclubs in the age of 17. His job was to talk to young women in the street and to bring them to the club.

Initially, it was tough for him to persuade women with his looks and chatting but things became smooth with time.

He would boast that in a successful summer in his prime, he could sleep with around 200 women.

In winters, he would work with tourist agencies in Scandinavia. Soon, he became so famous that some of his lovers made a wax statue of him in a Swedish town.

In 1986, an Italian newspaper L’Espresso published his interview in which they called him the ‘Italy’s most successful lover.’

His last interview was published in a German newspaper BILD in 2014. In this interview, he announced his retirement and said:  ‘At 59, I’m getting too old for it.’ But he failed to keep to his word.

Italian media said it was the way he wanted to go from this world.