IST Student Transforms People Lifestyle Via Technology

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Jianbo Ye, an inspired student from College of Information Sciences and Technology will transform life with Amazon use technology. He will revolutionize the way people live their life.

After his graduation, he will position at Amazon Lab126 in the Silicon Valley as a researcher. Amazon Lab126 is a researcher and development unit that is responsible for the intelligent consumer products.

Jianbo Ye expressed his feelings while stating, “I’m excited to join them because these are projects people haven’t done before”. He added that it’s one of the toughest and challenging project and he is prepared for this with his research exploration. He will get a chance to operate with world’s prime technology talents.

Jianbo achieved several inventions through the research and proposed quality of the crowdsourced data through a unique method. The information will be collected for Ye’s work will highly valuable in term of machine learning. Machine learning rapidly growing to program a computer to improve its function. Ye stated that it is completely different and excited to research in this era.

Ye stated that individual can handle complex situations with the develop knowledge on a topic. Once the basis data will get clear properly then it is possible to apply that to comprehend data. Ye added, he wants to influence in the real world.