Israeli Researchers Introduces AI-Based Crash Prediction App

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Accidents are the leading cause of death and millions of people are killed in road crashes. To avoid such tragedies Israeli developers introduces an artificial intelligence-based app that can predict the next location of an accident. The app yields ideal everyday movement police watch plans and soon the technology tested by the Israeli police.

The team of researcher used Israel’s past thirteen years of car accident data for analysis purpose and along with Mr. Ariel Rosenfeld the project significantly led by Sarit Kraus. The team developed the app while considering the angles of roads as well as slope and many more.

Mr. Rosenfeld stated that the toughest challenge was to predict the next accidental location. Further, he stated that the output suggests daily patrol schedules, at the starting point, it will be used as recommendations.

The app effectively predicts the probability of traffic accidents while comparing 120 variables and it suggests road placement within 10 meters. The investigators will receive worksheet before one day, so they will be able to manage the units accordingly. The process of placing units nearer to accidental zone would help to decrease the number of accidents by motivating driver.

Mr. Rosenfeld said, “We don’t want to hand out reports, we want to take problematic drivers out of their normal mode of behavior”.