Intel Adds Chris Hook to Discrete-Graphics Team

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An American tech giant, Intel announced that Chris Hook added to its discrete-graphics dream team. Chris Hook his departure from AMD earlier this month after nearly two decades of high-profile PR work with the company. Chris appointment hints that CPU maker will move towards gaming GPUs to compete with other competitors such as AMD, Nvidia.

Chris Hook recently worked with AMD where he served as a Senior Director of Global Product Marketing. Now, Hook will responsible for Intel’s marketing in terms of discrete graphics products and visual technologies.

Intel’s latest move into discrete graphics card market thrilled everyone and it has made two prior attempts to bring a discrete gaming GPU to market. The company saying the GPUs are designed for “a broad range of computing segments.”

Chris Hook said, “Intel will be growing its technology portfolio across computing, graphics, media, imaging and machine intelligence for clients and data centers, AI, and edge computing.”

The company has multiple products for AI workloads but data centers use GPUs for many of those same tasks.

The chip maker will probably need to build GPU generation volume in the PC market to contend with Nvidia’s evaluating, so Intel will rethink the wheel with its production model. Company’s move comes after it has made some structural changes to its hierarchy and at the same time it is expanding into GPUs.

Recently, Intel said that it is anticipating for strong chips that power cloud computing to hold steady against other competitors that are trying to break its stranglehold.