Honda’s Mobile Power Pack Powers Digital Devices

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Honda committed to its vision to connect the power of renewable energy for more sustainable future. The team working on initiatives that generate as well as connect to renewable energy sources such as solar, water-power, wind power and so on.

As society’s needs move away from large electrical storage devices to portable power devices. Honda making footprint in mobility products and the technology that generates energy and making daily life more comfortable than ever before.

Honda exposing the new Mobile Power Pack World that stores surplus electricity generated from renewable natural energy sources helping to generate and connect in the world of electric energy.

The mobile power pack world showcases Honda’s holistic view of power renewable energy sources can be applied to power mobility products, digital devices, and home appliances. Electricity can be stored in the compact Honda Mobile Power Pack and used on a shared platform, allowing it to be utilized in various ways.

The Honda Mobile Power Pack Exchanger Concept works as a charging station for batteries for electric mobility products. It can be used to store renewable energy in areas where the electricity supply is unstable. The concept can be linked and jointly work to power larger scale platforms that allow building an energy storage environment as per individuals need.

Honda Mobile Power Pack Charge and Supply Concept are designed to supply and charge electricity. It comes with indoor as well as outdoor versions. It is compatible across a wide range of interfaces and creating versatile uses for renewable energy around the world. The company expressed that it is just the beginning of more sustainable tomorrow.