Hidden fortune: Jeff Bezos’ parents estimated to worth billions through Amazon

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Reports indicate that Jeff Bezos’ parent may worth billions in the Amazon fortune. This was after mike Bezos and Jackie invested a total of $245,573 into an e-commerce website owned by their son. According to the market perspective, the money invested in the platform was a great gamble.

Mike Bezos who is the stepfather to the e-commerce platform Amazon.com Inc. said that investing in his son’s e-commerce platform was a great idea considering this was also a gamble, the business did not seem to pick at first but after a conference in the national center in Philadelphia, Mike Bezos came up with other methods of developing and gaining from the website.

Reports show that this investment idea was brought up with their son during dinner on time whereby the son told them of his deal and idea on the e-commerce platform. After elaborating this idea to his parents, the parents where in doubts at first but t the end they invested this amount to their son’s. though to them it was very risky, after 2 years the platform had made good money but not as the son anticipated and expected it to produce.

Nevertheless, after one extra year, due to the introduction of IPO and splitting of the stock into three, then the company had managed to gain more than the previous profits. According to reports, if the assessment is done today, Jeff Bezos’ parent shares would worth $30 billion. This, on the other hand, would make Jeff Bezos’ parent worth more than Microsoft and therefore make them the 29th position in the billionaire’s index following Microsoft CEO Paul Allen.

According to reports, the parents also continued to contribute to their son’s platform which was never published nor disclosed to the media. From the stand, it is not known how much Jeff Bezos’ parent worth after the discloser of this information was seized in 1999. Jeff Bezos’ parents are worth even more than the $30 billion considering since 1999 to date no information has ever been disclosed concerning the amount the parent have been donating all through.