Frank Rudzicz’s Robot Can Detect Alzheimer’s & Depression

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A scientist Frank Rudzicz has come up with the Artificial Intelligence revolution inside the healthcare field, he developed a robot that determines whether or not you are suffering from the disease like Alzheimer’s and Depression.

This states that Toronto is booming in the Artificial Intelligence sector where unique technologies are being developed will help to change all of our lives.

Frank Rudzicz explains that Alzheimer’s disease sufferers have a habit to leave longer stops between words and incline toward pronouns to things. Afterward, there is what Rudzicz calls the variations in frequency and amplitude. Frank Rudzicz said, “These are very difficult for the human ear to pick up but the computer is objective and completely quantifiable”.

Frank Rudzicz founded the company named Winter Light Labs, where some of the most ground-breaking AI research in the world is taking place, from Winter Light Labs the Telegraph is reporting for a three-part series on the technologies already changing our lives.

The creators of many companies marked an open letter to the UN cautioning without dire activity deadly self-sufficient weapons will make a “third revolution” in fighting like what took after the development of black powder and the nuclear bomb. such innovations could be our demise. It is trusted if overseen appropriately they will be of colossal advantage to society.

A recent industry projection by Frost and Sullivan, the market research company stated, in 2021 AI in health will be representing a 40 per cent growth on today.

A scientist Frank Rudzicz is working to something similar, he has made a robot named ‘Ludwig’. Ludwig is two foot-tall that can detect disease like depression.

The developed robot Ludwig operates on machine learning algorithms which identify the data and make predictions. These algorithms empower him to connect with patients in discussion and survey discourse examples to decide their well-being.