Facebook Messenger: Building Text Based Al-Powered Personal Assistant

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Facebook Messenger is building an AI-powered personal assistant, named “M”, which helps its users to finish all kinds of tasks, like money transaction. Powered assistant M is text based only. It won’t give a reply to voice commands like Google Assistant or Apple Siri. Facebook isn’t planning to give users voice-control over M any time soon. On Wednesday 2nd May 2017, at the Collision Conference in New Orleans, Messenger’s product boss Stan Chudnovsky received several questions related to ‘M’, like why Facebook M wasn’t built to answer to user voice commands?

Chudnovsky replied, voice-controlled assistants, require three steps to carry out some task, which includes first recognize the specific request then translate that particular request so that AI can understand and finally fulfill the request. Chudnovsky said. “You are still in the world of multiplying probabilities, which means that the outcome of that exercise is actually lower than you’d like it to be.” He added, “Facebook is trying to perfect the final two steps in this process — identifying text and carrying out the task”. It seems that Facebook is aggressive about the thing. Almost two years ago the assistant ‘M’ was announced but still, it isn’t done with the process. Facebook newly started adding AI-powered responses to Messenger for its users.