Expertise invented the ‘SargeantClip Device’

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A modern device developed in the North East is attracting approval across the globe. The SargeantClip device was developed to defend against human error in the IT industry. The device is known as infrastructure cable management system helps to save companies millions of pounds in downtime by eliminating the risk of the engineers unplugging the wrong cables. The modern device is designed by inventor Mark Costigan. Some of the leading organizations snapped up the SergeantClip device such as Google, Amazon, NASA as well as earning rave reviews. One of the satisfied customer Crystal Sutton described the device as a ‘life saver’. Crystal Sutton at Kansas University Medical Centre in the USA said, “Our network technicians are loving the end result of this product, it has been a life saver in the upgrade project we have been engaged in over the last several months”.

An engineer at Tennessee IT solutions provider BEDROC, Matthew Norwood said, “The SergeantClips performed wonderfully with my wiring closet swap outs. It saved us a tremendous amount of time”. Further, he added, “I am very pleased with the product and will continue to use it going forward as well as recommend it to others”. The latest device won several awards. The director at Blaydon-based North East Time Recorders, Mr. Paul Dougherty said, “After years of patching cables from here, there and everywhere, we eventually got to installing a new network”. Further, he added, “Our biggest problem was still people messing about with patch leads, but this was resolved with the clips”. The latest is designed in a way to slip around cables to plug them back into the right space. And making it impossible for engineers to accidentally plug them into the wrong port. Mr. Costigan hoping that the use of the SergeantClip device will ultimately become standard practice for all networking and cabling installations.